City of Lost Souls

Book: City of Lost Souls

Author: Cassandra Clare

Published Date: May 8, 2012

Publisher: McElderry Books

Reviewed By: Ariel Culver


City of Lost Souls is the fifth installment to Cassandra Clare’s powerfully captivating Mortal Instruments Series. In this novel Clary is faced with the difficult task of trying to save her love, Jace, whose soul is intertwined with Clary’s brother, Sebastian. Sebastian is on the run from the Clave  for the evil acts he has committed. Sebastian plans to bring Jace and Clary with him to pursue his goal of becoming the world’s new evil leader. It’s up to Clary and her friends to stop him and save Jace, but can they do it in time?


To read one of Cassandra Clare’s novels is to immerse yourself in another world: a world that is similar to ours but filled with demons, shadow hunters, vampires, werewolves, and faeries.  In the first book of the Mortal Instrument Series, City of Bones (2004), the landscape described reflects the Manhattan area, which happens to be her favorite city. Her Mortal Instrument Series offers love, suspense, and plenty of action. Clare’s main character, Clary, is more than just a lovsick girl. In fact, Clary is pretty bad ass. She’s a shadow hunter, she can fight, but most of all she doesn’t need to be rescued. In City of Lost Souls, Clary is the one who will have to do the rescuing.

This novel spans over worlds as well as the age of readers it has. While it is a YA book, several  adults have devoured these books with pleasure. One of the most common stero-types of YA novels is that authors have  to dumb-down their work in order for their audience to understand.  This novel actively engages both its young and older readers as they immerse themselves in the complexity  that the novel offers.  Clare’s word choice includes words such as acrid, praetorian, and Upanishads.  Clare is not afraid that her YA audience would not understand. She has confidence that they can grasp this type of terminology. She even sneaks in a few jokes that both adults and young adults can get a few chuckles out of: “…‘I hope you told him you were bitten by a gay spider’…‘So would that give me the proportional gayness of a spider?’ ‘Only if it was a really gay spider”. The word choices give the novel a charming, mild complexity, while the humor gives readers a chance to laugh along with the characters before another suspenseful scene.

Cassandra Clare’s colorful language draws readers in and leaves them wanting more with the unique storyline and characters she creates. The story gives powerful descriptions, letting readers lose themselves andbecome entangled in the lives of the characters. This entanglement makes it a page turner and has readers searching for the release date of the next novel in the series.


Author Bio: Cassandra Clare was born in Teheran, Iran but traveled  around the world with her parents most of her youth.  Since her family moved around so often, she found familiarity in books. Even in high school, Cassie would write short stories for her classmates.  She takes inspiration from the New York landscape and intertwines it into her Mortal Instrument series.  Cassie does admit that she hates working from home as there are too many distractions.  Instead she likes to write in local coffee shops or in the company of her friends, who ensure she sticks with her deadlines

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