Nancy Holder On Fire!

Who: Nancy Holder

When: September 21, 2012

Where: Mysterious Galaxy,

7051  Clairemont Mesa Blvd.                                                  

San Diego, CA 92111

By: Ariel Culver

Mysterious Galaxy is an independent bookstore run in Southern California.  This bookstore specializes in genres such as Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, and Horror.  The store also features best sellers to signed first editions, as well as several literary events, including book signings, where readers have the chance to meet some of their favorite authors. On September 21, at 7:00pm, they featured a book signing with writer and former employee Nancy Holder. Most  know Holder as the co-author of the New York Times best seller Wicked.

I walked into this small but quaint store, and asked about a book signing.  He points toward a small group in the back. The small gathering is neatly tucked away by the signed first edition books.  There is a small table that holds juice and cookies for both the author and her audience to enjoy. A small elderly couple and a few other men and women welcome me with smiles as we wait for the event to start. Holder is appearing at Mysterious Galaxy to promote her most recent original work, Vanquished ( the final novel in the Crusade Trilogy), co-authored with Debbie Viguié, and her newest tie-in novel to the MTV series Teen Wolf, titled On Fire.

Holder introduces her novel Vanquished, and gives a short reading from the text. Holder also discussed the unique approach that she and her co-author took to the series: “ Crusades [ has] been coming out, [ at a rate of]one book a year. We’ve written[. . .] all three, such that you don’t have to read the [book before], you can pick it [the series] up at any point.” Holder has done more then just YA novels, she explains: “I stopped writing novels and for four years I only wrote essays, articles and short stories I have sold 200 of them.” We all nod and murmur statements of praise.  Holder has also written several tie-in novels.

I did not know what a tie-in novel was before this event. Holder explains that they are novels based on movies and TV shows. We learn more as Holder talks about her meeting with the MTV “suits.”  She remarks, “Here’s the catch, is that you made the first season a big mystery: the big mystery is who is the Alpha, and this is the big thing of Teen Wolf; I can’t answer that question because that’s your question, it’s like the cliff hanger thing all over again, we have to make a fun adventure that doesn’t spoil anything but yet is enough like the series that people don’t go, ‘this is like a book mark.’ ”  Holder explains that she immerses herself in the shows and becomes an expert on the story, plot and characters. Teen Wolf is not the only tie-in novel Holder has written.  Her other tie-in novels include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Hulk, Angel, Hellboy, Wishbone, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Highlander and Saving Grace.  Holder lists them and then pauses to reflect, saying, “I have written more Buffy non-show material then anyone on the planet!” Before this event I knew nothing about tie-in novels and only a small amount about Holder.  I left wondering how I had never heard of Nancy Holder before, with all the great works she has created. While it was a small event, it was a fun one. Holder’s charismatic personality made the even that much more enjoyable. Holder not only talked about her novels, but also explains what tie-in novels are and the process writers go through with tie-in novels.

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