Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

Lost Voices

Book: Lost Voices- Book one of the Lost Voices Trilogy

Author: Sarah Porter

Publishing: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2011

Review By: Danielle Lucie


Lucette (Luce) is your typical average loner with a not so average life. After a childhood of traveling around with her convict father, who mysteriously vanishes at sea, she finds herself living with her abusive uncle in Alaska. At fourteen, her life although sullen is relatively normal; that is of course, until her uncle assaults Luce and leaves her for dead on the icy rock cliffs. Struggling to find the strength to stand Luce topples over the edge and is submerged in the frigid black waters. Opening her eyes she realizes she is still alive and can breathe, underwater. She is compelled to follow a melancholy melody she hears until she discovers it’s her own voice. Making her way to a rocky lagoon she attempts to lift her legs out of the water and finds a shimmery flipper that burns in the cool crisp air. Underwater, Luce meets others who had survived this astonishing transformation and has finally found a place to call home. Much like Luce, the others find an insatiable need to sing, not just for innocent delight, but to lure humans to their fateful ends. Luce feels saddened and guilty for murdering humans while the other sirens kill for sport. Luce questions whether the desire to belong is worth abandoning her beliefs and for the first time truly feels alone. Committed to using her new found voice for good, Luce attempts to discover a way to stop the others from taking more lives.
About the Author:

Sarah Porter is an artist and freelance teacher whom currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Todd and two cats. Having always been an avid reader, Sarah decided to evoke her writing to give others their next reality escape. Her passion was fueled by the experience of teaching. To find this information and more visit her website at www.sarahporterbooks.com.


Lost Voices by Sarah Porter is an enchanting novel that keeps the reader engrossed from start to finish. There are so many aspects by which a reader can appreciate the novel. After some basic research I discovered that “luce” in Welsh means fish and in ancient Greek mythology sirens were beauteous monsters that used their haunting voices to shipwreck sailors. The sirens names all have some sort of reference to the text or allusion to some mythological being. The symbolism the author uses to invoke thought is utterly profound and avant-garde.

As briefly mentioned in the synopsis above, Lost Voices is a book that challenges the reader to adopt a role and imagine what their next steps would be. At one point or another we as social beings are forced to accept or reject beliefs, notions or theories others present us. Can you imagine staring down adversity regardless of losing those you hold dear? The title is brilliantly worded to signify such a battle. Having gone through adolescence myself, I along with many others can empathize with the female protagonist’s journey. I can think of several moments in my life when my voice escaped my thoughts and I was left speechless never standing up for what I knew to be right. Adolescence can be such an unfair and trying period in life. Luce’s strength and fortitude gives the reader encouragement to find their own voice; it is ironic this revolution takes place when she is not human. Sarah Porter has entangled this book with riddles to be solved that only adds to the richness of its plot. The author’s use of character development make the reader feel as though they have gained new friends and a few enemies as well.

Lost Voices is the kind of unique story that is not stumbled upon all too often in literature. I immensely enjoyed this well-crafted novel because of its characters, plot, and overall tone. If one is looking for the next big screen movie YA hit then look no further. Pick up book one of the Lost Voices Trilogy today.


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