A Book Signing with Dan Krokos and Elizabeth Norris at Mysterious Galaxy

False-Memory-by-Dan-KrokosEvent Review: Elizabeth Norris and Dan Krokos book signing at Mysterious Galaxies

Time: Wednesday, November 7 at 7p.m.

By: Danielle Lucie

On one of the few windy rainy days that San Diego gets, I along with my sister went to the book signing of the Elizabeth Norris’ debut novel Unraveling and Dan Krokos’ False Memory (As if being in an awesomely eclectic bookstore on a cold and rainy day wasn’t enough). I was among a cozy bunch of fellow fans as both authors told whimsical tales of their pasts and what prompted them to create literary magic. Patrons young and old were charmed by Ms. Norris’ elegant and graceful demeanor and Dan Krokos’ witty anecdotes. I glanced around and even saw the shopkeepers hanging on to the bookshelves, completely enthralled. They spoke about their lives, answered (and asked) questions, and of course, signed books!

Elizabeth Norris was a real delight to listen to. She is one of those people in life who people are better for just Unravelingknowing. Her down-to-earth nature and positive attitude made me leave feeling good. She spoke of when she lived in San Diego and how she remembered spending a great deal of time in the very bookstore that she is now being featured in.  One of Norris’ greatest  attributes is her confident poise and optimism. Life is all too willing to present obstacles as to why we can’t achieve great feats; however, it is people like Elizabeth Norris who remind us that we are the only ones who can stop ourselves. She spoke about how long it took her to finish this novel; all of the edits and rewrites, and the doubts. She said that it took a friend to convince her to publish her work; and boy are we glad that she did! Her leading lady, Janelle Tenner in Unraveling is daring, outgoing, and clever, who Norris said she wished she was in high school. She wanted to create a story where the girl saves the day, and she did just that.

The ever-handsome, video-game playing Dan Krokos was a great complement to Elizabeth Norris. His candid personality was refreshing and fun. He said that he grew to love reading while he was working at a gas station back east. Krokos mentioned that in all the books he read, he always wished there was more action; so he started to write his own. He spoke about the research put into False Memory, and it paid off. It is nice when a sci-fi book actually has a scientific base. He mentioned how he had learned that deer among other wildlife release pheromones that warn the other deer in the surrounding area that danger lurks. I remembered learning this once in a college biology class. As a lover of sci-fi I can greatly appreciate authors who take the time to root their stories in a foundation of knowledge. He had a great way of really speaking to the audience, making each person feel as if he was addressing them specifically. His awesome characters and action-fraught book make it a quick read—but rest assured, it is book one in his trilogy.

It was a neat opportunity to be able to go and listen to such impressive people. It is easy to see why they are talented writers. Both Krokos and Norris urged the importance of following your passions because you never know where they will lead you. For those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend this phenomenal book signing, you missed out! It was an experience to be had by all. My sister and I drove home unable to stop talking about our fantastic evening at Mysterious Galaxy. It was a nerd’s paradise, although anybody can appreciate a good time!


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