The End is Near….. Nevermore: A Maximum Ride Novel

maxseriesNevermore: A Maximum Ride Novel #8

James Patterson

Little Brown and Company

August 6th, 2012

Reviewed by Raeanne DuPont

NevermoreNevermore is a whirlwind of a ride as you soar through its pages alongside with the flock as they attempt to save the world. In this final chapter Max and rest of the flock return ready to fight the foes that threaten to ruin the world they live in. Max, Fang, and the others are “bird kids,” their DNA mutated in a lab to give them wings and other special talents. After having their share of fights, betrayals, and mystic warnings and now they must prove once again they have what it takes to save the world from impending doom because the end is near. As a huge fan of this series I had a hard time accepting that finishing Nevermore would mean the end of living in Max’s world. As the eighth and final installment of the Maximum Ride Series, a collection that is filled brim to brim with action and adventure, there is no easy way to end a series, but James Patterson has done a pretty good job of it. The Maximum Ride series has stolen readers’ hearts for seven years and kept them on the edge of their seats as they try to figure out the mystery behind Angel’s cryptic prophecies and the corruption behind the flock’s existence. Each book is unique and filled with action-packed adventure.

In Nevermore there is love, loss, and despair. There is anger, betrayal, and the threat of the end of the world. There is good versus evil and all of the shades in between. Humans meet mutants and corruption is thick in the air. Max has to find her purpose and figure out her heart and she does this with witty comebacks and lots of butt kicking. Readers can connect with her and the other characters in the flock. Nevermore is populated with a main cast of characters that readers will find easy to love and follow. The characters are realistic and likeable, each with unique personalities, it makes the book stronger and a much more enjoyable read.

These books also work with a great deal of violence, but it is written in a way that it doesn’t scar you. It lets you know that it is evil and that Max and her flock are the ones who are good and are trying to stop it. I find this to be a powerful theme throughout the series because though this is an alternate Earth we still have these sort of problems in our reality. We have corruption, evil people, pollution, and violence and these books really strive to address these issues. It does its best to impress upon its readers the importance of preserving our planet. We are abusing our planet and are just beginning to dip into the consequences of this. The Maximum Ride series confronts us with the consequences of abusing our planet and presents us with a depiction of something we may one day have to face.

The power of this series comes from James Patterson’s ability to seamlessly interweave the message with the story, so that you barely even notice that it is there. These books are meant for a younger generation, a generation that will one day be in control of society. If these values of doing the right thing and helping save the environment are instilled in them through these books then maybe it will stick with them when the really important decisions are made. Nevermore is the final chapter in a series that has worked hard to address these issues and with its climatic ending, it hits its mark.

Nevermore is a brilliant read and though it sadly concludes a wonderful series it does so on a hopeful note, even suggesting that we just might see Max and the flock again.

James PattersonAbout the Author: The subject of a Time magazine feature called, “The Man Who Can’t Miss,” James Patterson is the bestselling author of the past year, bar none, with more than 16 million books sold in North America alone. In 2007, one of every fifteen hardcover fiction books sold was a Patterson title. In the past three years, James has sold more books than any other author (according to Bookscan), and in total, James’s books have sold an estimated 220 million copies worldwide. He is the first author to have #1 new titles simultaneously on The New York Times adult and children’s lists and is the only author to have five new hardcover novels debut at #1 on the list in one year—a record-breaking feat he’s accomplished every year since 2005. To date, James Patterson has had nineteen consecutive #1 New York Times bestselling novels, and holds the New York Times record for most Hardcover Fiction bestselling titles by a single author (63 total), which is also a Guinness World Record (

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