Karen Marrujo is a book-obsessed, metaphorically-inclined student. She is quick to list the benefits of laughter, critical analysis, reading, and something she calls “book-stalking.” She spends her free time surrendering to her YA book addiction and looking for people who share her obsession. Her dream is to become an editor and work with writers and other bookish people.

Heather Gois is an author and student from Southern California in a long-time love affair with the young adult fiction world. She has written three Young Adult novels and has published short fiction in Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans (2005). She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from San Diego Christian College and is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Literature from San Diego State University. She lives and works in San Diego (when her two dogs will stop licking her hands long enough to let her type).
Michael Howie is an aspiring writer with a dream to write grand fiction for all ages by way of the young adult world. He lives in San Diego, California and is addicted to media [in any form] including books, movies, and games. He was successful in writing a manuscript of over fifty-thousand words in November, 2010 for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). He has written dozens of un-published stories in historical and fantasy settings, and has also dabbled in writing poetry. He currently seeks a English Single Subject Teaching degree from SDSU in order to pursue teaching English at the high school level.

Jessica Godinez is a San Diego native who enjoys reading young adult fiction, especially the kind involving the paranormal. She is in her junior year of college at San Diego State University but still is patiently waiting on her Hogwarts letter. In high school, her love of reading often got her into trouble with teachers because she couldn’t put a book down. She hopes to make voracious readers out of her future students as she pursues a career as a high school English teacher.

Danielle Lucie has fallen prey to the merciless hunter that is reading. Victim to all genres but especially YA, she finds there is always too few of hours in a day. She is currently a senior at SDSU working towards a degree in English with which she hopes to pass on the greatest gift given to her: the gift of reading and thinking by way of high school English teaching. Having always been a little weird herself, Danielle believes C.S. Lewis put it best, “We read to know we are not alone.”

Raeanne DuPont has known since she was a child that she has a passion for the written word. Now older, wiser, but not much bigger, she still holds an insatiable hunger for words. She has submitted her work to contests and has had several of her pieces published. She is particularly fascinated by the process of turning words into tangible pictures. As such, she is pursuing a degree in television and film as a screenwriter at San Diego State University and hoping to one day bring her wild thoughts to the screen.

Ariel Culver is a senior at San Diego State University, seeking a Bachelor Degree in English. She currently has an associates Degree in English from Mesa Community College in San Diego. She has a few years of experience working in small publishing firms as an editorial and production assistant for Plural Publishing. She hopes to work and live in San Diego as a production coordinator.


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