Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Underground Treehouse: Journal of Literature for Young Adults is committed to providing our readers with information from the pulse of the Y.A. literary scene. From interviews and book reviews to editorials on the current incarnation of Y.A. fiction, we aim to unearth the best the Y.A. genre has to offer. We are a literary contagion dedicated to taking this planet by storm—leaving behind a world immersed in the phenomenon that is Y.A. literature.

More About Us and Our Review Policy:

The Underground Treehouse: Journal of Literature for Young Adults is an online publication based in San Diego, California. We publish original book and event reviews, commentary pieces, and interviews. Our main goal is to spread our love of books.  We also work to dispel  misconceptions surrounding the Y.A. genre and shine a light on other sources of information regarding Y.A. literature. We do not limit ourselves to any particular branch or style of Y.A. literature nor do we focus on recently published works.

When it comes to our reviews, our goal is to provide honest, insightful, and respectful spoiler-free reviews. Though we publish and encourage honest criticism, we have a strict no bashing policy. We are driven by the belief that it is always important to respect authors and the novels they work hard to write and publish. We ask that those who wish to engage in conversation with this journal adhere to the same rule of conduct.

We have tremendous love and respect for the Y.A. genre, its authors, and its readership. We are here to provide a credible and academic arena for discussion on all things related to the YA genre. We invite fellow book lovers to participate through insightful questions and comments.

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